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McAlister Auditorium Policies

Students are not permitted in McAlister Auditorium after hours without specific permission from the Associate Director for Administration and Reservations.

Those reserving space and planning to provide alcohol at their event are responsible for reading, understanding, and following the University's alcohol policy. A copy of the policy is available online at http://studentaffairs.tulane.edu/judicial/policies_procedures/alcohol.html or can be obtained from the Administration and Reservations Office. All non-affiliate groups are required to use the university-based Olive Blue Catering Service for any food and beverage needs.

Amplified Sound
Amplified sound is allowed on the McAlister steps Monday through Thursday between 12noon and 1pm and after 5pm and on Friday between 12noon and 1pm and after 4pm and on Saturday and Sunday between 12noon and 10pm. All outdoor events are subject to the noise ordinance of New Orleans as well as any specialized policies (for example, around the residence halls). If asked to lower the sound level, you must do so immediately. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your reservations for the balance of the semester.

No animals are permitted McAlister Auditorium except for those assisting the visually or physically impaired.

No bicycles are permitted in McAlister Auditorium. Owners are subject to a fine. Unattended bicycles should be chained to a bike rack located outside the auditorium. Bicycles may not be chained to railings, columns, benches or other structures.

Decorating and un-decorating must occur during the time of the reservation and is the responsibility of the sponsoring group. Helium balloons are not permitted. If they get loose they rise to the ceiling and remain there for weeks until the balloons finally deflate. Smoke, fog and bubble machines are not allowed. Bubbles make the stage floor too slippery. Smoke and fog set off smoke detectors, which set off fire alarms. Candles, oil lamps, or incense are not permitted. Duct tape and clear packing tape should not be used on McAlister Auditorium surfaces. Flowers, plants and other decorations must arrive and be removed during the reservation. Any decorations to be used must be approved by the Associate Director prior to the date of the event. Ladders are available for use - contact the McAlister staff.

McAlister Auditorium is protected by a system of smoke detectors tied into a main building alarm. In the event that the alarm sounds, patrons must proceed immediately to the nearest building exit. Once outside the building, patrons must move to an area at least 40 feet from the exterior of the building. No one is allowed on the steps of the auditorium when the alarm is sounding. Everyone must remain outside the building until the Department of Public Safety has given the all-clear signal, and the building is reopened. Open flames, including incense and candles are prohibited by Fire Code. Organizations that require the use of candles during formal functions may purchase battery-operated "candles".

Food Service
Olive Blue Catering Services (865-5254) has exclusive catering rights to all interior spaces of the auditorium. No off-campus catering services may be used in any areas of the auditorium. Sponsors may bring in their own food and/or beverages as long as it is not catered. If a sponsor brings in its own food and/or beverage, it is responsible for making sure that all trash generated is deposited in the trash receptacle provided. Failure to do this will result in cleaning charges.

Gambling of any nature is prohibited in McAlister Auditorium

Handicap Accessibility
McAlister Auditorium is wheel chair accessible only in the main seating area. The handicap ramp is located on the east side (Business School side). The auditorium has no handicap accessible restrooms.

Signs and advertisements may only be posted on designated bulletin boards. Any signs taped to walls, doors, or windows will be removed. Permission may be obtained to hang banners in approved spaces from the Office of Administration/Reservations. Chalking on the sidewalks is permitted only with prior approval from the Associate Director.

Only Tulane University publications are allowed in the auditorium. The racks at the front entrance are to be used by the Hullabaloo student newspaper. Literature otherwise distributed will be removed and recycled.

Removal of Equipment
No equipment/furniture may be removed from the auditorium without permission from the Director or Associate Director.

Skates, Roller Blades or Skateboards
The use of skates, roller blades or skateboards is not permitted in the auditorium.

In compliance with University policy McAlister Auditorium is designated a smoke-free facility.

Vendors are not permitted in McAlister Auditorium unless they are part of the scheduled event in McAlister Auditorium.  All vendors should reserve space in the Lavin-Bernick Center.

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